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Large Straight Clear Quartz Yoni Wand

Large Straight Clear Quartz Yoni Wand


This clear quartz yoni wand is perfect for the woman looking to clear and amplify the energy of her sensuality. Clear quartz augments sensual sensitivity and allows for connection of all the chakras. This wand is designed for use with or without a partner and can be used internally and externally.

Key Words: clarity~energy~release~connection

Dimensions: 7.5 in long, 1.5 in wide

Good News:

The benefits of regular use of yoni eggs can include...

*increased confidence and assurance

*healing of womb and yoni, physically and energetically

*increase in sensual and sexual wellness including lubrication, sensation and control

*decrease in menstrual cycle discomfort

*deeper sense of appreciation for your own body

*soothe body, mind and spirit

*infuse your sacred space with gemstone magic

In other news: I'm not a doctor.

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You should not use this product if you are pregnant and should not use yoni eggs during your menstrual period.

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